- an client, Alpha version comments wanted

Andrew Markebo andrew.markebo at
Wed Nov 3 09:09:19 CET 1999

Well my seems to be usable now.. readme and link below


Can be found at: - client for

Allows you to easily see all the headers that matches your search,
downlad/view the articles you are interested in, and save your query
so you can load it again, and continue downloading articles.

This is still some kind of alpha-version would like your comments
about the GUI, if you have any ideas what to use instead and so on.

In the article header list you see a 'status' letter first, it means
A:Away, not downloaded, D:Downloading, H:Home, you can see the article
if you doubleclick it.

What works:
* Search on keywords
* download selected
* load/save
* doubleclick on article header line to download article, if
  downloaded it views the article in the article frame.. or ;-)

* Use instead of BGFetcher (stability)
* implement the selection fields
* look why I only can do 'default' searches on keywords.
* Improve the gui
* Incorporate your changes ;-)

	flognat at

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