Proposal: Python Info Collective

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Fri Nov 19 00:39:03 CET 1999

On 18 Nov 1999 20:31:58 GMT, Mitchell Morris
<mgm at> wrote:

>Reading is not so bad ... searching blows. As an example, I'm looking at the
>page for the "re" module and want to see the argument list for "unpack" but
>can't seem to remember if it's in "string" or "struct" or
>Guido-only-knows-where. Lynx provides squat for this operation, so I wind up

Magic word: index.

See the last page of the doc list in HTML, an index of functions and
terms hyperlinked to the discussion thereof.  Voila.

Has the dimmunation of print media really caused us to forget such
simple methods?

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