Python 1.5.2 RPM for LinuxPPC?

steve_w at localhost.localdomain steve_w at localhost.localdomain
Mon Nov 1 04:57:03 CET 1999

In article <7vgv1g$tfm$1 at>, phil at wrote:
>I'm looking for an rpm for Python 1.5.2/LinuxPPC... does anyone have
Yes.  Chad Netzer has packaged a source rpm that builds for LinuxPPC
without a problem.  There are some pitfalls to look out for though.
LinuxPPC uses some RedHat admin tools that are written in Python and
which produce run-time syntax warnings (or maybe failures) if you
upgrade to Python 1.52 without also fixing them.  Your best bet is
to go to his web site at <> then
read the instructions there about upgrading netcfg and pythonlib at
the same time you remove and replace the LinuxPPC python 1.51 packages
with his.  

Steve Wall  

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