Getting PythonWin debugger working with an embedded app.

Adrian Eyre a.eyre at
Mon Nov 22 17:34:08 CET 1999

> [snip]
> We are using the debug version of the Python DLL for Windows.

There's the clue.

> [snip]
> ImportError: No module named win32ui

If you read through the Python source, you will find that the
debug Python DLL requires all extension modules to end with '_d'
(e.g. win32ui.pyd must be named win32ui_d.pyd). There is a good
reason for this. It would appear that mixing DLLs built with
MSVCRT.DLL and MSVCRTD.DLL causes problems. Unfortunately this
means you can't just rename the module. You must build a debug
version from the source. I know it's a pain in the arse,
especially for the modules that need SWIG in order to build,
and/or you only have MSVC5 (this requires a few changes to
defined symbols.)

I would like to suggest to Mark Hammond, if possible, to include
debug versions of the win32all modules in the distribution, maybe
as an optional component in the installer.

I would also like to suggest the same to Guido van Rossum in the
Python installer.

Just including the release version is fine for developers in pure
Python, but anyone embedding or extending Python will hit the
same problem sooner or later.

> Any advice or suggestions would be truly welcome.  Getting the
> debugger working would be a huge step forward for us.

Let me know if you have any success, as I managed to get this far,
but hit a problem later on.

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