Bug: whichdb.py of python 1.5.2 at suse linux 6.2

Mirko Liss n89553 at squid.upb.de
Fri Nov 5 10:43:04 EST 1999


the distribution SuSE 6.2 (linux at ix86) comes with
a flavour of bsd-db that uses the magic key 0 (zero) in
its databases. This feature makes it impossible to open 
existing shelves.

This can be fixed by editing /usr/lib/python/whichdb.py :

    # Check for BSD hash
# patch for suse 6.2 , mirko liss
#    if magic in (0x00061561, 0x61150600):
    if magic in (0x00061561, 0x61150600, 0):
        return "dbhash"


M Liß, <n89553 at squid.upb.de>

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