50% Python content :) (Distributed computing)

Skip Montanaro skip at mojam.com
Mon Nov 29 22:37:01 CET 1999

    Gaetan> I would like to explore distributed programming, and I think
    Gaetan> Python would be the right tool for that. I don't want to produce
    Gaetan> industrial-strenght code right now, but learn the basics. 

There are a number of different models of distributed computing available.
You might find playing around with the eff-bot's xmlrpclib module (check
www.pythonware.com) a relatively painless way to experiment with the remote
procedure call model.  I saw something posted recently about an
implementation of a tuple space interface for Python as well.  Check out


You'll find that a bit more complicated to get started with, but may in the
long run provide a better computational model (depends on what you're really

Finally, there is a Python interface to PVM.  Check out


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