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Wed Nov 24 22:10:52 CET 1999

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           philh at vision25.demon.co.uk "Phil Hunt" writes:
> As part of my Comuno website, I am creating an RDF file so that other
> sites can link to my changing content. I have written some software
> to handle RDF (written in python of course), and will be releasing it
> under an open source license in the not-too-distant future, i.e.
> when I have got it to produce HTML.

I was going to call this Python Site Summary, or "pyss" for short,
but then decided perhaps that wasn't appropriate. Looks like I'll 
have to think up a better name. (Or perhaps someone at the UK
Python London meeting this Saturday[1] will come up with one.)

[1] 7:30 pm, at Bier Rex in Putney, with is located on Putney High
Street, 100 m south of Putney bridge, opposite the cinema. All are 
welcome. We'll have a plastic snake with us, so you can tell who
we are. Email me for further details -- see address in my .sig.

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