commas vs. spaces. vs. the legions of new lines

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Mon Nov 1 12:00:56 EST 1999

G. Lewis wrote:
> Geez, you peoples, quit sniping on the folks posting their little
> modules lately (if i may snipe at you to say)!
> So the unix old-timers <wink> know a billion and one ways to
> convert Dos to Unix text files.  Why discourage someone from
> making a pure python implementation... 

I will make the observation that one can classify Pythonistas 
into those who think recoding common utilities in pure Python 
is evil, and those who think it a worthy goal, with very few 
people in the middle.

If you live all your life under one OS, I suppose the recoding 
looks like wasted effort. But if you're always switching around, 
or have multiple OSes on your network, having predictable 
pure Python versions is a delight.

(As for converting Unix line endings to DOS - almost all 
Windows editors can handle Unix line endings.)

- Gordon

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