how to ?

Gerrit Holl gerrit.holl at
Sat Nov 6 06:17:11 EST 1999

Colm Rafferty wrote:
> Dear all,
> I cannot insert text into  the headers To: From: CC: etc, of the email
> The script below ( the sample in the module) only sends all
> the text in the body of the email.

> How do I insert text in the headers?

What do you mean?

msg = '''From: A friend <gholl at>
To: My brother <hholl at>
Cc: My sister <eholl at>
Subject: this is an example
X-Mailer: a python script
Date: Sat Nov  6 12:15:51 CET 1999
Reply-To: My father <dholl at>

This is the body

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