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Raymond Cote rgacote at
Wed Nov 24 08:17:46 EST 1999

Thomas Hamelryck <> wrote:
> I don't want to start the discussion about indentation again; it's no use
> since indenting blocks is here to stay. The point is that if you want to 
> write code that looks ugly or unreadable you will succeed in doing that,
> indentation or not. In many cases, using a variable indentation (depending
> on what construct you are using or the length of a line) leads to code
> that is visuably much more appealing.

I was sure this 'indenting thing' would be one of the two major issues that kept me grumbling about Python. However, after just a month or so of casual Python programming, I find myself becoming dissatisfied with extra work required by braces and begin/end in my day to day C and Pascal programming.

Was totally surprised how quickly I came to like the indenting.  

Just my 2cents. 


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