Extending Python dynamically

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Thu Nov 4 11:28:47 CET 1999

"Németh Miklós" <nemeth at iqsoft.hu> writes:

> I have read ext.pdf (Extending Python with C or C++). As far as I
> understood (by reading chapter 2), I have to recompile my Python
> interpreter, and have to relink the interpreter against this DCOracle
> shared objects.
> Does Python not support a more dynamic extension mechanism (based on
> dlopen())? If I want to add an extension in C, shall I always

It does, at least for modern Unix variants and for Windows.
Check sections 2 (Unix) and 3 (Windows) of the current version of
the Extending&Embedding manual. The very first page of section 2
explains how to compile extension modules into shared libraries
under Unix.

> I have also started evaluating Zope. After the first two hours I found
> Zope is a fantastic product, I am curious about how people did dare
> implement a so complex application (ie. an application server) in an
> interpreted "scripting language". These type of software pieces are

Just don't call it a scripting language, maybe that helps!
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