trouble with python 1.5.2 install on win98

Kevin Cazabon kcazabon at
Wed Nov 24 08:27:39 CET 1999

I've been using PythonWin myself, and I'm not sure if IDLE uses Tkinter or
not... but, if it uses Tkinter and Tcl/Tk, you might just have to add the
Tcl/bin directory to your autoexec.bat file.  (just guessing...)

On another note:  Why the HECK doesn't the Python/Tcl installer add that
directory to the PATH by itself???

It's a bit of a pain to explain to people who want to install my software,
so I've written some setup scripts that do it all, however you then need a
reboot (if adding to the autoexec).

On the other hand, can't Tkinter query the registry to find the Tcl/bin
directory and then add it to os.environ["PATH"]  ???

Just my daily rant... q:]


"Lee Fletcher" <leef_me at> wrote in message
news:81elc8$8i2$1 at
> Hoping for some guidance to my problem w/Python,
> I have installed py152.exe on (2) Win98 machines:
> 1 at work, 1 at home
> The installation at home runs. I am having trouble running IDLE at
> work. It accesses the hard drive but never becomes a running program.
> Starting from the beginning, I have d/l and run py152.exe.
> I accepted all default suggestions for installation of python, tk &
> tcl.
> I tried the "verify that the interpreter works " code on the
> page, both examples work
> I tried accessing IDLE from the "start menu" but no results.
> I rebooted (windows restart) to make sure any pending "setups" were
> finished.
> I tried accessing IDLE from the "start menu" >Again< but >still< no
> results.
> I have tried deja & faq searches from the ptyhon help page, but did not
> see anything that applies to this.
> Please, can you make any suggestions on what I have done wrong?
> Thanks,
>     Lee
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