Comparison between Python and "Ruby"

Yukihiro Matsumoto matz at
Tue Nov 2 00:48:52 EST 1999

Greg Ewing <greg.ewing at> writes:

|Okay, so the Python war cry should be TMTOWTHMTOWTDI
|(There's More Than One Way To Have More Than One Way
|To Do It).

According to Guido's Foreword from Programming Python:

  Readability is often enhanced by reducing unnecessary variability.
  When possible, there's single, obvious way to code a particular
  construct.  This reduces the number of the choices facing the
  programmer who is writing the code, and increases the chance that
  it will appear familiar to a second programmer reading it.

I guess he loves reducing variablity, if possible, which is totally
against TMTOWTDI.  I don't judge whether it is good or bad.


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