Line Benchmarks Tkinter vs. wxPython

Randall Hopper aa8vb at
Tue Nov 16 09:42:09 EST 1999

Gordon Williams:
 |Sorry, I should have given you the os as well.  I was running it under W95.
 |If you need some more info, drop me a line.  Maybe someone else using Unix
 |could make a similar comparision.

Sounds like a useful comparison, so I thought I'd devote a few minutes to

wxWindows fails to build under IRIX (dialog.cpp only knows Sun, Linux, or
FreeBSD...).  configure --disable-dialupman works around the problem.

wxWindows and wxPython both presume GNU make.  env MAKE=gmake ... works
around this for wxWindows, but not so for wxPython:

  > env MAKE=gmake python $WXWIN/utils/wxPython/distrib/ -b
  Makefile created:  Makefile
  Running: make -f Makefile
  make: file `Makefile' line 84: Must be a separator (: or ::) for rules (bu39)

Would be nice if took its queues off of os.environ["MAKE"].  I
hacked sys.MAKE in

Then it failed finding wx.h.

> python $WXWIN/utils/wxPython/distrib/ -b                                                                    Makefile created:  Makefile
Running: gmake -f Makefile
CC -n32  -DSWIG_GLOBAL -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -DWXP_USE_THREAD -I. `wx-config --cflags` -I/home/rhh/bin/../software/python/include/python1.5 -I/home/rhh/bin/../software/python/include/python1.5 -I/scratch/ethyl/rhh/BUILD/wxPython/wxGTK/utils/wxPython/src -O -OPT:Olimit=0   -c helpers.cpp
/bin/sh: wx-config:  not found
cc-1005 CC: ERROR File = helpers.h, Line = 16
  The source file "wx/wx.h" is unavailable.

  #include <wx/wx.h>

1 catastrophic error detected in the compilation of "helpers.cpp".
Compilation terminated.
gmake: *** [helpers.o] Error 2

I can hack -I flags in of course, but I thought I'd check to see what I'm
doing wrong.  The build instructions aren't too clear where to put the
tree, so I moved the wxPython dist under the wxGTK dist tree
(wxGTK/utils/wxPython) to build.

Randall Hopper
aa8vb at

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