Need help dealing with spaces in NT paths.

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Wed Nov 17 11:43:51 CET 1999

T. C. Mits <71351.356 at> wrote:
> A simple example of the difficulty is:
> >>> os.system(r'"dir Program Files"')
> Bad command or file name
> 0
> >>>

strangely enough, 

    "os.system(r'dir Program Files')"

doesn't work either.  nor does

    c:\> "dir program files"

at the command prompt.

(when you get this far, you should have
realised how to fix this...  but alright, I'll
spell it out:
    c:\> dir "program files"
    os.system('dir "program files"')

but in this specific case, you should use
"os.listdir" or perhaps "glob.glob" instead,
but that's another story...)


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