dynamic modules?

Adrian Eyre a.eyre at optichrome.com
Fri Nov 26 12:08:34 CET 1999

> Is there a chance to write modules I can dynamically change? I tried
> reload(), but thats not working because I can't reload modules imported
> with 'from XXX import *'.

# Reload any/all modules (N.B. untested)
import sys

def reloadAll():
    for mod in sys.modules.keys():

def reloadModule(name):

> The next problem is, if I can reload all modules, I have to rebuild the
> objects instanced from classes in the reloaded modules, but that should
> be manageable.

Possible. Tricky to automate though.

> Another problem with this: Can I destroy an object without deleting all
> references?

No. The object's d'tor is not called until the last reference is removed.

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