Python extensions and lcc-win32

Eric Jacobs x at x.x
Fri Nov 26 10:39:20 EST 1999

Kaloian Doganov wrote:
> Can I use lcc-win32 to write Python extensions? The .h files in include/
> directory provided with Python 1.5.2 (Win32) does not seems to be
> compatible with lcc-win32.
> I'm using lcc-win32 v3.1 (Nov 17 1999)
> In fact, I'm looking for a non-MSVC solution to write Python extensions.
> So, any GCC or lcc-win32 tips are appreciated.

Last time I looked at lcc, it links automatically against CRTDLL.DLL,
which wouldn't be compatible with the Win32 port of Python which uses
MSVCRT.DLL. Your best bet is go with Mingw32; it's a port of GCC which
will generate straight Win32 code against either CRTDLL or MSVCRT.

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