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Ivan Van Laningham ivanlan at
Sun Nov 14 22:24:51 CET 1999

Hi All--

Jules Allen wrote:


> | is *very* nice, and it might be the
> | only solution required.  Apparently a good deal of work has been put
> | into seeding the initial database, and that's important, because it
> | makes the index immediately useful.  Yet I hadn't heard about it until
> | now; is the site still beta?  Did I miss a article
> | about it?

I missed it too, and I agree; it's *very* nice.  It's a hell of a good
start.  I sure hope it's automated, and the idea of interfacing with is a good one--a necessity, I think.

> The author was still tweaking it when he contacted me after my
> initial post. I urged him to post the URL for further inspection.
> But that's not necessary now as it's been outed!
> Monday morning will be a good test of how robust it really is!

Um, why Monday morning?

Boudewijn Rempt wrote:

> You don't say! I just went there, spurred on by your posting to
> enter my own efforts. Just when I had done so, I noticed that one
> of them was already there - really good work! It seems to be very,
> very nice, indeed.

Same thing happened to me.  I thought, "surely he hasn't added my stuff,
no one knows about it."  Too late, there they were.  I'm impressed.

So, who is this person?  I couldn't find any credits.  I need a link to
parnassus in my book, so I'd really like to know.

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