IDLE & Linux

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Sun Nov 28 21:16:02 CET 1999

Dan Grassi <Dan at> writes:

> I am trying to get IDLE to run.  The docs say that it is automatically
> installed but that is just not true.  There is a /usr/bin/idle but when it
> runs it quits complaining that it can't find
> /usr/lib/python1.5/site-packages/idle/
> Of course I can not find where to get the missing files.  The rpm package I
> have does not include this package.
> I am running RH 6.1 and do have TCL/TK installed.
> Any idea of what to do next?



you should have it knocking around with the rest of rh 6.1.

(or better, get idle from CVS or

and dump it over the one python-tools installs - it's better)


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