Beginning programming with Python

Robin Dunn robin at
Fri Nov 12 03:52:34 CET 1999

>     Aaron> Secondly, if I choose to use Python for this, I would like to
>     Aaron> supply each student with a reference book on Python.
> From what I've seen on the list, Learning Python sounds like a more
> appropriate book for first-time programmers, though I've personally not
> it.

I am currently teaching a Python class to a group of programmers for whom
OOP is a very foriegn concept, (so most of them are ALMOST in the same boat
as first-time programmers...)  I specified Learning Python as the text book
and have been teaching from it, assigning the exercises from it, etc.  I
gave the first test yesterday and everybody did quite well.  i have to give
the book a lot of credit for that.  Most of the concepts covered so far are
new to these guys, but with the exception of a few questions here and there,
they are getting them down after reading and a summary type lecture.

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