Proposal: Python Info Collective

Jules Allen usenet-mm-yyyy at
Sun Nov 14 17:22:33 CET 1999

One of the main problems I've had with understanding Python's depth
is finding information and modules. is a good way
to keep track of new things but once that info scrolls from the
news server, it's pretty much gone. Sure, one can use (and
clones) but it's a chore.

On the module front, I had to update some Perl forms a while ago
and marveled at how easy it is to use CPAN. I'm not having a go at
the Trove development effort but unless I'm mistaken, it seems to
be stalled. Could  this be harming Python's wider adoption? On a
personal level, I can't tell if I should start a module to complete
a task or if is there already a module that fits.

Seasoned vererans and PyGods instantly know where everything is.
They politely and graciously seem to answer the same questions
about where to find tutorials, HTMLgen examples, PyApache's location
over and over again.

So what I'd like to propose is a yahoo/freshmeat flavour site tuned
for all things Pythonish. I'd say that Zope is the obvious candidate
for the development vehicle as it makes delegation of sub-sections
blissfully easy. If this project does fly, it's a strictly
non-commercial effort and Guido has suggested that
might be possible. Seems like the best place to host it to me.

I'm no library scientist or PyGod but I'll gladly organize, code
and do the bits nobody else wants to do. Rather than pollute
with this discussion, I've created an eGroup at:

If you have any interest, ideas or flames, please sign up and let


PS I'll be at IPC8 and if you'd like to do the face to face thing
and chat about this, drop me a line.

If you want to email me directly, plug the current month and
year into my email address.

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