Proposal: Python Info Collective

Martijn Faassen m.faassen at
Mon Nov 15 12:22:32 CET 1999

Jules Allen <usenet-mm-yyyy at> wrote:
> So what I'd like to propose is a yahoo/freshmeat flavour site tuned
> for all things Pythonish. I'd say that Zope is the obvious candidate
> for the development vehicle as it makes delegation of sub-sections
> blissfully easy. If this project does fly, it's a strictly
> non-commercial effort and Guido has suggested that
> might be possible. Seems like the best place to host it to me.

I think AppWatch is a good thing to look at then. It's a freshmeat style
site built on top of Zope.
So you should ask 'm for their sources. :)

> I'm no library scientist or PyGod but I'll gladly organize, code
> and do the bits nobody else wants to do. Rather than pollute
> with this discussion, I've created an eGroup at:

Hey, I thought comp.lang.python was for this kind of discussion. :)


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