predicate classes

Justus Pendleton justus at
Mon Nov 29 15:34:37 EST 1999

I decided to broaden my horizons so I was reading about/playing around with
Cecil.	One of the things Cecil has that I hadn't heard of before are
predicate classes
edicate-classes.html), which I thought were nifty beyond all belief.

I also thought it would be nifty if Python had them so I got the source
from the CVS respository and started hacking the grammar and realized I
had no idea what I was doing :-).

Before getting in any deeper in something I only vaguely understand I
thought I would ask the opinions of people who know more about Python
than I whether they think it would be
easy/hard/well-damn-nigh-impossible to add this kind of dynamic retyping
of objects based on predicates.

(I did a quick search on deja and didn't find any talk about this, so
apologies in advance if this is something that has been as talked to
death as the indentation thing.)

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