pythonistas or pythoneers?

Michael Hudson mwh21 at
Mon Nov 8 14:39:38 EST 1999

init__self at writes:

> > So pythonistas sounds extremely powerfull, because python can
> > be spelled in Spanish as "piton", that means "horn" ( like the bull's
> > horns). So pythonistas sounds like the "damned crazy followers
> > of the horns" :DD
> So instead of those masturbatory "Just another you-know-what hacker"
> .sig's, one could have
>    #!/usr/local/bin/python
>    print "Just another damn crazy follower of the horns."
> as a fine .sig :-) It conveys succinctly the readability and simplicity
> of the language!

I *like* that! Or maybe:

print "I can read what I write"
print "I can even read what you write"

though that might be considered offensive in some circles...


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