yet 'nother newbie question

Alan Gauld alan.gauld at
Mon Nov 29 12:49:24 EST 1999

William J. King wrote:
> When passing an argument to a function etc. -- how does one determine
> that it is
> an integer that is being passed and not a string for example... 

Another poster answered this.

However be careful that your not trying to use Python like C++
Static typing is useful in C++ but dynamic typing is much 
better for Python's typical applications. More flexible and 
faster to develop. Rather than using try/except to test types 
use it to catch the few occasions when a bad typ[e is passed.

Your fellow programmers are not totally stupid and will by 
and large try to pass the right thing. If you catch the 
errors it usually works...

If you do need to check the type then type() is your friend.

Alan G.

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