Comparing Python to (free) Math languages/environments

Ionel Simionescu ionel at
Fri Nov 19 16:09:28 CET 1999

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Siegfried explaying how easy one can get started with Matlab and the likes
to solve scientific problems.

Dear Sigfried,

You are right - in the context of dealing with a few small, "code and throw
away" problems.

When you shall develop lots of interrelated pieces of code, and when you
*and others* will use that code to run various, critical experiments, you
will need:
- database support to manage your data,
- GUI's to let others use your programs before reading a ton of docs,
- new libraries to cover problems that your specialized language of choice
did not think yet about,
- utilities to help with documenting and debugging your code.

Shortly put, you will need a real programming language.

Thus, while I respect your choice and find it right, you may reconsider it
if you are going to develop programs for more than one year.

Note that I do not push you to Python, even if it is my choice, - feel free
to choose whatever language you like better. But invest your time wisely -
start with proper tools if you intend to build something bigger than
programs for a diploma.


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