function override???

Gordon McMillan gmcm at
Tue Nov 16 12:12:05 EST 1999

Arinte writes:

> I am defining a python callback for my embedded app, but I want
> the script writer to override my function.  So, basically what I
> want is a function prototype.  Ex. here is what I am thinking.
> ;
> def overrideme(self, str, someint)
> ;
> import fprot   #I know this ain't right.
>                           # I don't know how to import from other
>                           python
> scripts yet.  Enlighten me?
> def overrideme(self, str, someint)
>     do_some_junk()

Is that a function or a method?

If it's a function, I would just document the signature. If it's a 
method, I would expect the user to do:

import fprot

class MyThing(fprot.Thing):
  def overrideme(self, strng, someint):

In either case, when I'm implementing a callback, my first step 
is to say something like:

def callback(*args):
  print repr(args)

and see what turns up.

- Gordon

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