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Tue Nov 23 09:04:36 EST 1999

Hi All--

Hans Nowak wrote:
> A quick search at Proxis (online bookstore,
> for Python yields, among others, the following books:
> John Grayson: Python & Tkinter programming
> Ivan van Laningham: Python in 24 hours
> ?: Python Annotated Archives
> It claims that all these are published already. Does anyone know if
> this is really the case? Proxis has been known to put "published"
> books in their list long before they actually hit the shelves.

My book wasn't originally scheduled till December.  Publication date now
looks like February.

John Grayson's book is finished, but I suspect that publication will
also be February.

If "Python Annotated Archives" is /F's book, it's already out as an
eMatter book.  Visit for details on how to get it. 
Search Deja News for important information on using this style of
book--there was a thread on here about it.

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