how to use pythondoc on Win32?

Hattie Pastors HattiePastors at
Thu Nov 4 05:42:38 EST 1999

On Thu, 4 Nov 1999 10:32:18 +0100, Ionel Simionescu <ionel at> wrote:
>I did rename the extensionless 'pythondoc' to '',

The secret for me was after renaming pythondoc to makes sure you
MOVE the OUT of the lib\pythondoc\ directory ... i found that
the program just won't run if you try to run the main script from
within the module directory. I don't know why, i never investigated. 
As soon as i finally got it working (after a few hours of frustration
like you have no doubt experienced) i was too happy to not to fiddle
with it anymore. It's been working ever since for me. 

It does say in the readme to move it into your 'path' somewhere. 
Of course the 'current directory' is in teh win32 path sort of, heh.
If my observation is right that the thing will not run from the 
module directory, the readme should be more specific on this account.

Great tool. Too bad the author hasn't had time to work on it much lately.

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