Python and COM: a bug?

Bill Tutt billtut at
Wed Nov 24 16:26:13 EST 1999

> From: Gaetan Corneau [mailto:Gaetan_Corneau at]
> > I also don't think we try to optimize any calls. COM doesn't 
> > give one enough
> > information to even bother optimizing anything other than 
> > caching Name -> DispID mappings.
> That's what I meant by "optimization".

This optimization is allowed by COM. See the IDispatch::GetIdsOfName() docs

"The member and parameter DISPIDs must remain constant for the lifetime of
the object. This allows a client to obtain the DISPIDs once, and cache them
for later use."

On the other hand, there is this as well:
"When GetIDsOfNames is called with more than one name, the first name
(rgszNames[0]) corresponds to the member name, and subsequent names
correspond to the names of the member's parameters. The same name may map to
different DISPIDs, depending on context. For example, a name may have a
DISPID when it is used as a member name with a particular interface, a
different ID as a member of a different interface, and different mapping for
each time it appears as a parameter."

If your COM object isn't following either of these rules then its broken.

The other intreresting thing to find out would be if the object supports


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