Python extensions and lcc-win32

bowman bowman at
Fri Nov 26 09:29:00 EST 1999

Kaloian Doganov <kaloian at> wrote:

>In fact, I'm looking for a non-MSVC solution to write Python extensions.
>So, any GCC or lcc-win32 tips are appreciated.

I've never tried lcc for Python extensions, but you might ask on the lcc ng.
There are several gcc or egcs ports to DOS/Windows.  is the djgpp compiler and tool set. It is DOS oriented and
a very robust set. is the home of Cygwin. Cygwin is the tool of choice for ports 
from Linux to Dos/Windows. It pretty much replicates a mini-*nix environment 
under Windows.

There are links at that site to Mingw32, which is my favorite for Windows apps.
Ming is closely related to Cygwin. It was always the egcs port vs. gcc, but that
distinction is getting moot.

Any of these should work fine.

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