Running apps with Zope 2?

Peter K. kanzow at
Fri Nov 26 07:30:50 EST 1999


I have written some web applications using the old Zope/Bobo version. I published
them using ZopeHTTPServer, like this:


class Application:
    def hello(self):
        return "Hello World from my Zope Object"


After starting ZopeHTTPServer (on with
ZopeHTTPServer -p 1234
I can access the Application object from the web:
gets "Hello World from my Zope Object".

This is what I want! But what must I do to achieve this in Zope 2? I installed it
recently and can't find it in the documentation. How can I publish my old
applications with the new Zope? Where do I have to put What do I have to do
in the management screen? Which URL will get me the "Hello World..." message? Do I
have to install as a Product? How?

Thank you very much

Peter Kanzow, Germany

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