Asyncchat Module Documentation and some asyncchat based modules

Oliver Andrich oli at
Tue Nov 23 11:58:32 EST 1999


after I spend most of the last weeks implementing some asyncchat based clients
for common used protocols (at least I use the quite common ;-) and a asyncchat
based POP3 server. I like to ask if somebody already started to document this
module for the library reference, otherwise I am willing and happy to do it.
I am so impressed by asyncore and asyncchat, that I like to do it. ;-)

And I am looking forward to do a first release of my package of asnyc* based
clients in a week or two. And my POP3 server (100% pure Python) in about three
weeks. I have to to do some code cleanups, security checks and performance
tuning, but at the moment the POP3 server runs fine in my testbed (simulating
the 16.000 users I have on my production machine) and it outperforms cucipop
without any problems.

So, who do I have to contact to supply documentation for asynchat?

Best regards,


Oliver Andrich, KEVAG Telekom GmbH, Schlossstrasse 42, D-56068 Koblenz
Telefon: 0261-3921027 / Fax: 0261-3921033 / Web:

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