Building wxPython [was Re: wxPython and DISLIN work nicely together]

Robin Dunn robin at
Fri Nov 19 12:43:28 EST 1999

What is the output of "wx-config --cflags" ?  It should have the right
include directories for getting all the wxWindows headers.

Oh wait a minute, it says "/bin/sh: wx-config:  not found" so it looks like
you didn't do a "make install" for wxGTK.


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> Robin Dunn:
>  |>
>  |> If only wxPython would build on IRIX...
>  |>
>  |
>  |Did you have build issues with wxWindows or did you get as far as trying
>  |build wxPython?  If so, what were the troubles?
> I've attached a message that describes the problem I had with it when I
> it aside.  Tips appreciated.
> Randall

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