Assorted Questions regarding the future of Python...

François Pinard pinard at
Tue Nov 2 15:36:06 CET 1999

"Fredrik Lundh" <fredrik at> writes:

> as far as I know, there are no visible projects working on faster ways
> to execute that [PYC] code, but that doesn't mean that they don't exist ;-)

I'm curious.  Does Python use standard optimisation techniques on that
byte code (CSE, strength reduction, and all that)?  I would be tempted to
guess that the stack machine receives code that pretty closely resemble
the source code.  Would the stack machine be able to express optimisations?
For example, could we copy or exchange arbitrary stack elements?

If yes, maybe one could attempt filtering a `.pyc' through an optimiser, at
least for a long experimental phase, with the hope of having the optimiser
integrated right into Python, one of these later days.

If no, would Guido be favourable at opening the door by adding a few more
stack machine instructions, even if not using them himself, to start with?

François Pinard

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