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Mon Nov 15 06:27:37 EST 1999

Jules Allen <usenet-mm-yyyy at> wrote:
> In article <3d1z9sq2uc.fsf at>, Andrew M. Kuchling wrote:
> | The issue of indexing modules is an old one, and I'm still astounded
> | that we've never converged on a solution, though everyone always
> | complains about this.  

> Thanks for the History lesson! This helps put it all in perspective
> but why *something* hasn't been built before now is kind of weird.
> The best part of your story for me is confirmation that open source
> projects don't do well without strong leadership. No ESR or an
> ESR-like figure to crack the whip, no Trove.

Actually, 'strong leadership' is not enough. If someone cracks his whip
impressively in open source but doesn't write any code himself, you won't
get any software in the end. So you need someone who actually takes on
the responsibility for writing the code. :)

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