Tim Peters tim_one at
Wed Nov 17 09:56:35 CET 1999

> Ask MS for the source code <wink>.  Short of that, there's no reason to
> suppose it's a problem with the docs, and every reason to suspect the
> obvious.

[Fred L. Drake, Jr.]
>   The catch is that no matter how obvious it is, I don't want to lock
> people out of the docs by requiring they update to a newer service
> pack; ...

No, I doubt the service pack has anything to do with it.  What's "obvious"
in the MS world is that it's a random bug that maybe 1 person in 1000 can
reproduce.  That's par for the MS course!  Or did many people report the
same problem with NT SP4?  I saw one report here, and a partial possible
kinda confirmation <wink>.  I certainly never had this problem under any
flavor of NT or of IE.

The usual MS fix is to scandisk, defrag, clear all the caches, and reinstall
stuff from scratch.  And I haven't had more than 8 browser bugs that weren't
eventually cured by reformatting my hard drives <wink>.

otoh-my-sister-has-never-gotten-netscape-to-work-right-ly y'rs  - tim

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