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Mon Nov 15 09:57:58 CET 1999

damien_morton at wrote:
> Im working at a small publishing outfit, and we've been pumping out 80
> million hits a month for, from a 266MHz IIS/ASP box.
> Weve just moved onto a 3-way clustering server, and expect to be able
> to take pretty much anything that can happen. From time to time, our
> site get mentioned on TV or by Howard Stern and it goes berserk, but we
> expect to be able to handle that too.
> ...
> Ive only tried Python within an obscure branch of WSH called SSH,
> without success. I havent tried it as a scripting langauge replacement
> for VBscript, but there has to be a significant advantage to re-
> educating all the vbscript people I work with. For the work they do,
> VBscript is functional and they never seem to complain about it
> constraining them.

AFAIK, you can use Python as ASP language too, even side-by-side
with VBScript. It may well be worth a try...

Just for reference, I am working on a Python based web application
server which can handle around 20 requests/second on my old
AMD K6/266 machine. That's around 1.7 million requests per day
or 51 million per month. Take it to a fast dual processor engine and
it should pretty much cover your needs using a single machine.

Note that it is not Python slowing down these servers, it is
usually one or more of these:
(a) poor socket implementations
(b) poor database connectivity
(c) poor overall design

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