Doing network traffic in the 'background' from Tkinter app??

Fredrik Lundh fredrik at
Tue Nov 2 09:41:41 CET 1999

(Andrew, maybe you should fix your reply-to?)

Andrew Markebo wrote:
> | I can't tell exactly what you're doing from your description, but check
> | out Tk's fileevent callback:
> Bingo, Thanx!
> Basically what I want is to give the user the possibilty to mess
> around with my application while it fetches data from THE internet(TM)
> Darn, it seems to be Unix only... fungus.. I would like my application
> to run on windows also..

forget about fileevents, and use Python's own
asynchronous communications framework in-

search the newsgroup archives for more information
on using asyncore with tkinter (basically, you should
keep calling asyncore.poll from an idle task).

for more asyncore examples, check the Medusa
servers (  you'll also
find a bunch of asyncore/asynchat examples in
the eff-bot guide.


<!-- (the eff-bot guide to) the standard python library:

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