AIX, xlC, and C++ Modules

Gary Duzan gduzan at
Sat Nov 13 00:20:02 CET 1999

   While working on a port of the new OmniORBpy stuff to AIX, I
came across an interesting issue with python's module loader.
importdl.c uses the load() call on AIX to do the loading, which
does fine with C and a fair amount of C++. However, the C++ module
I was trying to load includes static variables with constructors,
and AIX's load() call doesn't handle them properly. To do so, you
have to go to the C++ side of the house and call loadAndInit(),
which is otherwise identical but does the initialization properly.
I'll include the changes that work for me below. I also tried
reverting to dlopen(), but this seemed not to resolve the
Py_InitModule symbol correctly, leading to a quick core dump.
   The patch enclosed fixes the problem for me. If anyone else
can suggest a better alternative, I'd be glad to hear it.

Setup: AIX 4.2.1, C Set++ (xlC) 3.1.4, --with_thread, CC=xlC_r.

					Gary Duzan
					GTE Laboratories
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--- Python-1.5.2/Python/importdl.c	Wed Jan 27 12:53:10 1999
+++ Python-1.5.2/Python/	Fri Nov 12 17:50:50 1999
@@ -178,7 +178,12 @@
 #define SHORT_EXT ".so"
 #define LONG_EXT ""
+#ifdef USE_SHLIB
+#include <dlfcn.h>
 #include <sys/ldr.h>
+#include "/usr/lpp/xlC/include/load.h"
 typedef void (*dl_funcptr)();
 static int  aix_getoldmodules(void **);
@@ -458,7 +463,7 @@
 		p = (dl_funcptr) dlsym(handle, funcname);
 #endif /* USE_SHLIB */
-#ifdef _AIX
+#if defined(_AIX) && !defined(USE_SHLIB)
 	-- Invoke load() with L_NOAUTODEFER leaving the imported symbols
 	-- of the shared module unresolved. Thus we have to resolve them
@@ -473,7 +478,8 @@
 		if (!staticmodlistptr)
 			if (aix_getoldmodules(&staticmodlistptr) == -1)
 				return NULL;
-		p = (dl_funcptr) load(pathname, L_NOAUTODEFER, 0);
+		/* p = (dl_funcptr) load(pathname, L_NOAUTODEFER, 0); */
+		p = (dl_funcptr) loadAndInit(pathname, L_NOAUTODEFER, 0);
 		if (p == NULL) {
 			return NULL;
@@ -877,7 +883,7 @@
-#ifdef _AIX
+#if defined(_AIX) && !defined(USE_SHLIB)
 #include <ctype.h>	/*  for isdigit()	  */
 #include <errno.h>	/*  for global errno      */

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