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Philip Lijnzaad lijnzaad at
Thu Nov 25 10:01:19 EST 1999

sorry, I still can't resist, even though it's futile ... 

Carel> Well, the file at home *is* called, but somehow the
Carel> spellling got corrupted:)

Carel> OTOH, Dutch being a permissive language does allow for both variants!

mm ... does it? Living abroad, I haven't kept up with the new spelling. Or
perhaps it's more of a regional thing? (Incidentally, dialects of computer
languages never seem to be regional. Oh, and (also incidentally) please don't
get the impression that Dutch is indentationally-structured :-)

Carel> "lotjes" being the generic form, "lootjes" the special case (from a
Carel> morphological point of view that is). 

To me, the form 'lotje' resonates more with 'van lotje getikt' (meaning 'mad,
stupid, bonkers' which is an admittedly fairly old-fashioned expression) than
with 'lot' (meaning 'lottery ticket').

Still-not-resisting-the-futile-urge-ly yours,

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