Python in DOS

Hans Nowak hnowak at
Fri Nov 19 17:20:42 EST 1999

On 19 Nov 99, at 10:59, Curtis, Craig M. wrote:

> I tried setting PYTHONCASEOK to 0 and did the configure and make and still
> have the same problem.  Any more suggestions?

Yeah, try setting it to 1. :o) 0 doesn't have much effect AFAIK. This 
variable does not affect compilation though, it only affects the 
interpreter when it runs.

If that doesn't help, do as I said... uncomment the code. I think 
uncommenting a coupla fprintf statements in getpath.c will do. You'll 
know 'em when you see 'em... they're these infamous error/warning 
messages of course.


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