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Mon Nov 22 16:23:07 EST 1999

On 22 Nov 99, Curtis, Craig M. wrote:

> Commenting out those dreaded printfs certainly does work :-)
> I guess I do not understand what PYTHONHOME should be set to.  I tried
> setting it to the python-1.5.2 root and also to the lib under it, but
> neither of these work.

I don't understand PYTHONHOME either. ;-)  That is, I never tried to 
use it.

Running 'python -?' yields:

PYTHONHOME   : alternate <prefix> directory (or 
<prefix>;<exec_prefix>). The default module search path uses 

Maybe this makes more sense in a Unix environment? I can imagine Unix 
directories called usr/lib/python1.5 or something, but in DOS, this 
is quite uncommon. 

Does anyone use this under DOS?

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