Python and generating images for web

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Sun Nov 7 17:52:48 EST 1999

In article <3824F785.40DF4393 at> , Alexander Stepanov 
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> (I am in a process of comparison Perl and Python to solve this problem.
> I plan to use the application
> under WindowsNT4.0 environment + Perl? or Python interp-r).

Hi Alexander!

Unfortunately, I can't help you with your gif/png/chart/plot problems,
though I'm sure someone will step forward with a clue, since so many useful
libraries have been written in Python. I assume you've tried the search
engine at already. Also I have nothing to say about Perl,
having never used it.

I just wanted to express my appreciation of coding in Python for its
parallels with generic programming in C++, something I have a hunch you may
take a liking to also. While you don't get overloading ,or the performance
advantages, the similarities in code structure keep jumping out at me. In
particular the lack of strong type checking makes _everything_ generic. The
ability to pass type objects as function parameters is analogous to type
template parameters.

I have to say that once I got over my initial revulsion at the lack of
compile-time type checking, I've quite enjoyed my experience with Python. I
hope you have as much fun as I have.

Best Regards,
Dave Abrahams

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