How to perform syntax check in Python

tim muddletin timmuddletin at
Thu Nov 25 00:39:39 EST 1999

On Tue, 23 Nov 1999 09:54:57 -0800, Charles Y. Choi wrote:
>Look for by Andrew Dalke.

I tracked this down to

So i could enter it into my Vaults of Parnassus database
( http://localhost/~x/parnassus/ )

My problem is that i don't really understand what this script does.
There is no general description provided. I suppose it's one of those
things that is self-evident to those who know what it is. <-:

What is this "coverage" stuff? Can someone provide me with a description 
for the database? I'm lost on this one; my ignorance is showing.

(ps. also it is announced in usenet --- also without a general 
description -- here: )

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