Pythonwin Reset

Gordon Williams g_will at
Mon Nov 29 18:08:40 CET 1999


Thanks for the note.

It now works in that it eliminates all the names, but it doesnt quite fix
my problem.  When I make a GUI with wxPython (using Pythonwin IDE) and I
get an exception, the next time I try and run the program after fixing the
mistake, I get another exception saying One wxApps process only!  Something
was left behind.  The only way I have found to clear the problem was to
close Pythonwin and then restart it and reload the file.


Gordon Williams

tim muddletin <tim muddletin at> wrote in article
<81rmh5$9e$1 at>...
> On Sun, 28 Nov 1999 16:29:35 GMT, Gordon Williams <g_will at>
> >NameError: __main__
> >
> >what has gone wrong?
> A non-obvious gotcha. You have to "import __main__" first, to get access
> to the namespace in that way.

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