Proposal: Python Info Collective

T. Muddletyn T.Muddletyn at
Tue Nov 16 07:58:14 CET 1999

On 15 Nov 1999 17:41:30 GMT, Mitchell Morris wrote:
>My personal take is that you never actually look at CPAN in a browser.  The

Yes, you make a good point there. My rant was based on a narrow and 
biggotted browser view. 

The command line tools for searching and retrieving are a potentially very
handy thing. Martijn Faassen in a previous message made the great suggestion of
possibly integrating Parnassus somehow with the "distutils" system which is
being worked on. It would be very interesting. 

As things are now, with python resources being so diversely packaged and
hosted, it would require a fair bit of effort and time by all owners of
resources to re-package themselves for compliance for a full blown system like
this to take off (though one has to start somewhere!)

On the other hand, a simple command-line querying util, at every least, would
be really cool (and save me a bit of bandwidth too! heh) I'll definitely
think about this!


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