Python and COM: a bug?

Bill Tutt billtut at
Wed Nov 24 10:52:29 CET 1999

Well if you can reproduce it, others will try to fix it!
Or at least try to find a workaround, if it can't be fixed. Just sitting
around saying this or that sometimes happens doesn't help many people out.

Saying your C++ code is ok just because it works with VB/VBScript doesn't
necessarily make it ok code. 

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Adrian Eyre [mailto:a.eyre at]
> We did get some oddities running PythonCOM through Rational's 
> Purify: I
> don't have the results any more, but I seem to remember there 
> was internal
> memory corruption somewhere. Not being a COM kind of person, 
> I found an
> easier solution by removing PythonCOM from the project 
> entirely, and going
> via an extension module instead.

Do you recall what kind of scenario caused the problems or did any old
PythonCOM usage cause the problem?


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