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Aahz Maruch wrote:
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> >Block delimitation by indenting. This makes python look like a porsche
> >with a caravan attached :-). As far as I know, most python users even
> >seem to like this for some reason.
> I agree with you and I'm also one of the people who likes it.  Here's
> why: it makes Python code *readable*. 

I agree. I'll go further. I like to write code, literate programming
style FOR PUBLICATION. Just try typesetting C for publication
(and I mean ALL the required code, not just snippets).

Compare with Python. you don't even need to understand python
to read an algorithm written using it:

	for i in [1,2,3]:
		print i, i * i

is plain obvious 'psuedo code' that has the nice
feature that it can actually be executed.

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