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>> the less time it costs to program it, the more time it costs to run it,
>> the more time it costs to program it, the less time it costs to run it.
>Is this some law of nature I missed at university?
>But obviously, as far as raw speed is concerned Python cannot compete with
>C. Nobody can attempt to deny that. So if speed is an issue for you, use C.
>Or even assembly language.
>If you do not like Python, use C anyway. Why not? Actually I do not care.

The point is that, generally speaking, programming in Python takes less
time than programming in C, but C programs are faster.  So you trade
development time for code speed.  OTOH, programming in C is enough more
difficult that if your speed requirements are based on finding a good
algorithm, your Python program might well be faster (because you can try
more algorithms per unit time in Python).
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